June 18th, 2021

Love & Catastrophē Poetrē

Love & Catstrophe Poetre - final cover.j

This collection of local Ottawa poets address the loves and losses during the catastrophies of 2020.

"There is so much of love in this collection, so much to love in the time of a pandemic, to abuse the phrase. In a period where we are bereft of touch and intimacy, love in all its forms encourages us to connect and, better yet, to hope. And, as much as love hurts in "Touch," love always has the power to heal a very broken world.

"Love changes and changes us with it, as evidenced in this marvellous collection of poems that encompass so much in so little space."

Julie Beun

"This collection captures an outpouring of emotion from a year of catastrophe and loss, interwoven through the themes of wildfire, pandemic and hurricane. The poems are vignettes of sorrow, destruction, loneliness and separation, but also with glimmers of hope. For lovers of poignant poetry."

Rachel B. Brown, CEO
North Grenville Public Library

Featuring the local talents of

Brigitte Boulay

The War of 2020


Kimberly Bowie



Summer Breeze

A Time of Darkness


Codi Jeffreys

Hindsight is 20/20


Pooja Grover

Passing Days


Katherine Imbleau

Cella Door


Samantha Paige Maskell


the sun


Sharleen McCorrister



Jocy Medina

The End

Laura UnLoved


Ian Prattis

The Forest


Jen Pretty



Jagjeet Sharma

A Friend


Stephanie Shotton

Australia Cries


Michel Weatherall

This Burden I Bear


Jamieson Wolf


April 15th, 2020

Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology

Thin Places Cover - newest.jpg

Winner of the Faces of Ottawa

2021 Book of the Year Award!

Fourteen Ottawa authors,

fifteen short stories, one poem, an Award Winning local Publisher and editor,

and our very own Codi Jeffreys penning its foreword!


All with underlying themes of parallel universes and alternative realities.

Ottawa, are you ready to see what incredible literary richness this city has to offer?

This ARISE© event features a collection of all things Ottawa!

Sci-fi, poetry, distopia, cosmic-horror, comedy, whimsical, fantasy, spiritual, horror, weird fiction, apocalyptic, drama, this collection runs the entire gamut!

Ottawa-based publishing company – Broken Keys Publishing

(Faces of Ottawa Awards winner of 2020 and 2021 Best Publisher)

Ottawa editor, Nancy Laflamme (co-editor)

Featuring over a dozen local writers:
4 award-winning authors
5 established authors
4 up-and-coming authors primed to change Ottawa's literary landscapes

Jana Begovic - Brigitte Boulay - Summer Breeze - Tawnis Commanda - George Foster - Genevieve V. Georget - Matthew Lalonde

John C. Nash - John W. Partington - Dr. Ian Prattis - Sara Scally - Laurie Stewart - Michel Weatherall- Jamieson Wolf



The Tidal Wave

As Robert Frost had said, Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both. A single decision, even the simplest, can diverge an entire universe...


Escape Hatch

A doctor at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, or a conspiracy theorist madman suffering from the Mandela Effect?


Cleaning for a Party

Think you’ve got problems with a dirty fridge? You haven’t seen nothing yet!


Belt Buckle

A mudlark scavenging in the Thames discovers a treasure beyond measure!



A turning point in Man’s history, or the end of our world as we know it?



A doorway to parallel worlds? Well.... maybe.


The Veil

A harsh look at what possible futures we may all potentially face.


The Lighthouse

An uplifting and lighthearted yarn for those gardeners at heart.



A free-falling doomed astronaut might just have an impossible rescue.



In an alternate future, the Y2K bug became a reality, with some unanticipated consequences.


Mirror Glass

Are our mirror reflections just that, a carefully choreographed replica, or a slip into madness?


Moving to Another Universe

Universes and worlds collapse and die, but is this a natural phenomena, and is it stoppable?


Inter-Planetary Seeding

The birth of a new world and hope, but at what cost?


Eye of the Beholder

Seeing people for what they truly are: a blessing or a curse? But what do you see in the eye of a monster?


Finders Keepers

Do we manifest in parallel universes? And if so, how, and as what?


This Quiet Earth

In the aftermath of a destroyed world, following hot on the tail of The Refuse Chronicles’ brutal finale, Tamara’s story continues, linking Ngaro’s Sojourney and the Fractures-Series sequel, Invasion: Scion.

March, 2020

Symphonies of Horror:

Inspirational Tales by H.P. Lovecraft:

The Symbiot Appendum

Symphonies of Horror.jpg

Symphonies of Horror: Inspirational Tales by H.P. Lovecraft: The Symbiot Appendum

This books marks the first extra-author title Broken Keys Publishing has released!

This Appendum, Symphonies of Horror, is a collection of H.P. Lovecraft tales The Symbiot-Trilogy were based upon or made reference to.

If you purchase the entire Symbiot-Trilogy box set -
The Symbiot 30th Anniversary: The Nadia Edition, Necropolis & The Refuse Chronicles - this title will be added to your order for FREE!

November 23rd, 2019 event

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Dayltime Ottawa event - Michel Weatheral
ckcu - wednesday blend - ARISE - Jen Pre

July 7th, 2018 event